Aquasphere India and ETI Dynamics cooperation agreement

Aquasphere and ETI Dynamics collaborate to Promote Plimmer® in India

AquaSphere Greentech Solutions, Idropan’s Strategic Partner in India, has entered into a partnership with ETI Dynamics to promote Idropan’s award winning Plimmer products in India.

Aquasphere is a strategic partner for Idropan in India and has been promoting Plimmer in the Indian markets since the last 2 years.

ETI Dynamics is a global multi-disciplinary organisation that develops high impact platforms to address some of the biggest challenges in the world by creating novel projects and solutions through innovation in economic, technology and finance models.

As part of this collaboration, ETI Dynamics will promote and use Plimmer for its various projects that will be financed, managed and maintained by ETI Dynamics as a BOOT model across India.

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