Benefit comparison

In the evaluation of the benefits of using the new Plimmer technology, the most difficult thing is to keep the comparison criteria as homogenous as possible in order to highlight the advantages of the system.

Other than the advantages explained in the various documents at, it is important to keep other factors in consideration:

Energy savings

Water: the recovery rate (the relationship of the water produced with respect to that used for the washings) is around 80 %. In other words, for every 100 litres used 80 of them can be used for any other purposes.

Electric Energy

The installation of the technology with a low potential difference, allows an energetic consumption equal to 700 watts for mc/h of the produced water. The energy saved can only be quoted alone when comparing it to the inverse osmosis technology.

Safety security

The adoption of a subdivided modular unit makes Plimmer absolutely reliable. If one unit fails, it will not compromise the working of the other units.


Drinking water that feeds the system must be clear and free of hazardous substances or pathogenic and should not be biologically active. In this situation a standard activated carbon cartridge may be adequate to remove chlorine/chloramines and sediments thus making the water suitable to feed the Plimmer. The presence of algae, zooplankton, rotifers, worms or other microorganisms although tolerated by the legislation must necessarily be removed before the water reaches the equipment. The presence of colloidal suspensions, clay residues, mineral and vegetable oils, surfactants, bacteria or virus is an indication of insufficient purifying pretreatment thus all this substances must be completely removed before the water reaches the equipment.


Plimmer occupies significantly less space than any other machinery.

Acoustic pollution

Because the technology works at low pressure, Plimmer produces hardly any noise The benefits of using such technology are evident not only from an economic perspective but in terms of time, space and maintenance.

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