Plimmer® 4G Alfa – The first saltness softener and much more

Its web-platform allows remote monitoring and control, making the technology easily controllable and integrable in a modular manner.

The web-app allows remote monitoring, ultimately allowing the user to control water taste and quality without having direct access to the machine.

The whole system, in addition to reducing salts from water, removes harmful chemicals such as arsenic, fluorides and nitrates, producing water quality within WHO standards.

A single system is able to treat all household water, ensuring that only treated water flows from every faucet in the house. The benefits of reducing dissolved solids for household applications are well known: these include reduced scaling, increased appliance lifetime and reduced skin irritation, eliminating the need to stock salt and buy bottled water.

The modularity of the system allows easy and cost-effective scaling according to the user’s needs, without the need to upgrade to larger capacity versions.

Treats water with input conductivity up to 1.200 µS (limit drinking water) and hardness up to 50°F and allows a variable salt rejection as a function of the input conductivity, chemical composition and productivity of the water demand up to a maximum of 65-75%.

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