Galvanic re-cycle systems with ion-exchange units.

In the galvanic industry and in the galvanic surface treatment great amounts of water are used for the process. These water contain very low pollution levels like acids, alkalies and heavy metals.

Because of this, these waters cannot be directly wasted and should be treated in some way.

A very efficient and economic process is to demineralize the waters with ion- exchange demineralizers, therefore you can then re-use them for washing.

A complete unit needs a pressurization pump, a mechanic and/or adsorbent pre-filter and a demineralizer with ion exchange columns.

Depending on the case and needs the demineralizer can be conventional type or floating bed type.

When the unit is exhausted the substances are eluted in a very low liquid volume that then is sent to the precipitation treatment.

With this machine scheme can be obtained very high re-cycle percentages that almost reach 100% .

Thanks to our high technology software SCADA iddSuite the machines can be controlled by a central personal computer that registers the data and allows the controlling of the regeneration.