Galvanic re-cycle systems

In the galvanic industry and in the galvanic surface treatment great amounts of water are used for the process.

Especially in the of rinses related to pre-treatment process normally spare-rinses are not provided before continuous rinses.

For this reasons the salitinity of the wasted water is relatively high.

Normally present ions (Acids and Bases), are not particularly pollutant but, the presence of heavy metals makes the treatment unavoidable.

In these conditions Ion exchange demineralization is not suitable because of the regeneration frequency.

The best solution then becomes the usage of reverse osmosis membranes deminaralizers.

It is therefore possible to re-use high percentages of water avoiding regeneration procedures.

Crucial point for optimal functioning of demineralizing membranes is the correct pretreatment of the water that must be free from colloidal suspentions and substances that under concentration can precipitate.

A complete membranes re-cycle unit is composed of two parts.

The first is the “Pretreatment” system and the second is the reverse osmosis unit itself.

The Pretreatment can be realized using different tecnologies that can protect osmosis membranes, but the most advanced and the one who delivers best results is Ultrafiltration.Ultrafiltration units protect membranes from fouling keeping performance stable in time and improving osmosis membranes life.

Thanks to our high technology software SCADA iddSuite the machines can be controlled by a central personal computer that registers the data and allows the controlling of the operation.