Tensioactives removal and oxidation

Tensioactives are the most difficult pollutants to get rid of using conventional methods aside biological plants.

The classic method for removing them is to dose active carbon in the alcalization reactor but, at times, this is not sufficient.

Expecially Amphoteric or non Ionized Tensioactive reveal a low affinity for Active carbon.

A chemical method revealed if effectiveness in these situations. It is a radicalic oxidation discovered by Mr. Fenton.

A combined dosing of bivalent Iron salts (either Sulfate or Cloride) and Hydrogen Peroxide is made in the water to be treated.

While Peroxide oxidises Iron to trivalent form, free radicals are produced. Free radicals are extremely powerful oxidizers and in this situation tensioactives are destroyed degrading them in some cases down to Carbon Dioxide and water.

With this method tensioactives are chemically destroyed up to 90% radically solving the problem.